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We sell, install and service residential elevators manufactured by Residential Elevators, Inc., (REI). We feel that this elevator manufacturer offers the best value proposition on the market in home elevators when you consider price and features. This elevator, along with our dedication to customer service, makes us your Number 1 choice for residential elevators in Northern California.


We also sell, install and service Acorn Stairlifts.  Unfortunately, some people have mobility needs that cannot be accommodated by an elevator because of space or financial considerations.  We believe the Acorn Stairlift provides the value and utility that might be needed in this situation. REICA is an authorized distributor.


In 2010 we added the Trus<T>Lift to our line.  This vertical platform lift can be installed in many cases where an elevator or stairlift might be impractical.


There is not one single answer for everybody, but we hope to solve the mobility problem for as many of our customers as possible.  REICA is an authorized distributor.

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Teamwork:  The key to a successful project.


While a stairlift or platform lift can be installed in a completed home, an elevator is just one component of a  construction project.  Plans must be drawn, contractors must be hired, permits must be issued and materials must be obtained.


We appreciate the opportunity to work with our clients from the beginning.  By employing best practices and benefitting from experience gained while working with other clients, we can usually help avoid pitfalls during the entire process—from planning to implementation.  We provide consulting and perform plan checking and site visits as needed at no additional cost to see that construction is proceeding as planned and the elevator will be able to be installed as planned.  This very personalized service is not usually provided by other companies.

An automatic door operator can make a difference in a person being able to easily and safely navigate around any residence.  Whether a private home or an assisted living establishment, door operation can be a challenge for a person that may be wheelchair bound.  The simple push of a button can open or close a door. REICA is an authorized distributor.

Qualifications and Certifications:

· California Corporation

· California Contractor   B and C-11 Classifications